Friday, November 13, 2015

Class Award

Room 17 won the Class Award this week! Yay for us! Well done room 17 :)


  1. Hi my name is Waekamania I'm in room 3 and I'm from Kawakawa primary school. How did you win it?

  2. Kia ora my name is Mata from Kawakawa primary school and I'm a year 7. The class reward look amazing I wish we had something like that but how did you win it.

  3. Hi room 17 my name is Otulea from kawakawa Primary School I really like this post about class of the week we have the exact same thing at our school but we do not have a shield we have a trophy my class haven't won it yet but our goal is to be the first senior class to get it. Which class was the first to get it at your school? Hope to see more post soon. Bye.